The Top 10- March 2018

Here I am again,.. back with the top 10 country songs you need to be listening to for March 2018.

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Let's get to it!

1. Old Porch Swing- Tony Jackson--- Newcomer to the music scene, but getting off on the right foot in my opinion. The song tells a story, and that's my favorite thing about country music! 

2. She Ain't In It- Jon Pardi--- I mean what's not to love about it honestly. It has the true country sound.. takes me back to the 90's. Kind of makes me think of Alan Jackson's "Wanted" -- the whole talking to someone about their lost love. Love it!

3. Speakers, Bleachers, & Preachers- Brandon Lay-- This song kind of covers it all if you want to reminisce on the old high school days. I dig it!

4. California, Missouri- Kassi Ashton--- At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about this song. But after I listened a few times, I could not stop singing it. Completely different sound, and man what a voice!! 

5. Everything Without You- Temecula Road--- Love the harmonies in this song. It draws you in with a semi-acoustic sound, then the harmonies and smooth guitar come in, and it makes me want to lay in my hammock all day long. Ahhhh...

6. Criminal- Lindsay Ell-- I mean... Lindsay Ell... She's so hot right now! I'm a fan, and this song just makes me a bigger fan! 

7. Pull You Through- Maggie Rose--- One of the most underrated artists in country music today. Everything she does is flawless in my opinion. Great songwriter and jam up singer! This song proves it 100%. Love the old feel it has! 

8. The Difference- Tyler Rich-- This is a groovy little tune that you'll roll the windows down and nod your head along with. Perfect for Spring time! Sing along!

9. Forgive- Hannah Belle--- This one is by yours truly and, of course, I love it. An emotional song that draws you in, and kind of leaves you the room to decide what happens in the end. 

10. You Got Em All- Trent Harmon--- The title makes you think this might be a happy tune, but it's not unfortunately. This guy's voice.. I mean... goodness me! Powerful song, great lyrics. Nuff said. 


Hope you enjoy the Top 10 for the month of March!! Let me know what you think! 

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