The Top 10- May 2018

Okay... I'm super late with my May post, but it's finally here so enjoy The Top 10 for May! 

1. "Diamonds or Twine"- Ryan Hurd--- Big fan of this song and this guy! He has been on the songwriting scene for a while, and has finally put himself out there as an artist. This song has such a great melody and a groove that you'll just fall into... plus it's a sweet love song! 

2. "Make Him Wait"- Abby Anderson-- Completely obsessed with this song is an understatement. I say this a lot, but I really wish I would've written this song because to me, it should be the ultimate anthem to girls everywhere!! Especially young girls... really listen to the message in this song. Excellent!!

3. "Beautiful Crazy"- Luke Combs-- I pretty much like this song because I think it was written about me... just ask my husband and he will tell ya! Great tune and another solid song from Luke Combs!

4. "Mercy"- Brett Young-- A newcomer who has made some big waves in country music with his knock down ballads... and this song is no exception! Goodness gracious, you will just melt by listening to his voice, but this is a great song no doubt! 

5. "Good Girl"- Dustin Lynch-- My jam right now!! Dustin Lynch is great in my opinion because he puts out song after song after song that are just down right good! This is my summer jam... Turn it up!!

6. "Asking for a Friend"- Devin Dawson-- The second single put out by Devin after huge success with "All on Me." This song is witty and takes the approach like the song "The Chair" from George Strait... Now, it's definitely not as country as that song, but the songwriting approach is very clever. Plus it has a smooth sound to go along with it. I dig it!

7. "More"- Clare Dunn-- A girl who doesn't get as much credit as she should in country music. Clare Dunn is pretty legit in my opinion. A voice that doesn't sound like anyone else's on the radio, and she can play the guitar!!! Great song that's fun to sing along with!

8."Love Someone"- Brett Eldredge-- You can't go wrong with my guy, Brett Eldredge. Everything he puts out, I love. This one draws you in with a catchy beat and then he sings... ahh! I think this is another big hit for him! 

9. "Friends Don't"- Maddie and Tae-- Their back!! I've sure missed Maddie and Tae, and they are coming back strong with this one. It's definitely one that you will want to listen to over and over again!

10. "Rumor"- Lee Brice -- The organ and bluesy guitar on this song are to die for!! Absolutely love it, and it has a catchy hook for sure, plus I love the breakdown bridge. You'll enjoy it, I promise!

Bonus Song!

11. "Don't Fall"- Hannah Belle -- I just have to give you a bonus song! One of my favorites I've ever written! Listen to the lyrics for sure and see if you can catch the message! (I bet you'll have no trouble at all with that)


Well there you have it.. The Top 10 for May! Late... but nonetheless, its here! Enjoy!!