The Top 10- February 2018

"The Top 10"- Hannah Belle 

Well hello everyone!

I have recently decided to try out a new idea that goes along with blogging and new music. I am always listening to new music by a variety of artists, so I thought.. why not come up with a playlist to share with you guys??

Now by no means am I an expert on music. I write, I play, I sing, I perform.... but still not an expert. I just simply enjoy music. So attached I've picked 10 songs that I am really into right now.

Let me preface....

I am a lyric person. The lyrics have to grab me if I am going to listen to a song. Second, I am somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to country sound... key word "somewhat." That doesn't mean every song I've chosen has a traditional country sound (because that's a definite no). And lastly, I like to connect with a song. Don't we all?? That's music's ultimate goal... to connect us in some way. So when choosing songs, I definitely feel a connection with them whether it's a past memory, something I'm going through, or the song just makes me happy... whatever it is, its some sort of connection. 

So.. give it a listen by clicking the link posted earlier in this post! Let me know what you think. And don't forget to follow me on Spotify for my upcoming monthly playlist "The Top 10."